Low-lying Mt. Baker and Snoqualmie are experiencing accelerated warming

As temperatures in Washington State rise, winter precipitation will include more rain and less snow. Over 40% of the winter recreation in Washington over the last 10 years occurred at low elevation ski areas. Snoqualmie Summit, Mt. Baker, Mt. Spokane, amd 49 Degrees North are most likely to be affected by climate change. The Summit at Snoqualmie experienced “warm winters” in 27% of the years from 1971 to 2000, and may experience over 50% of “warm winters” by 2040.

Total visits to Washington’s ski areas over the last decade averaged 1.65 million visits per year. Annual revenue from Washington’s ski areas falls within a range of $50 million – $150 million for ski passes, tickets, lessons, rentals. This does not include secondary revenues from skier’s food, retail sales, accommodations, etc.

Source: (November 2006). Impacts of Climate Change on Washington’s Economy: A Preliminary Assessment of Risks and Opportunities.


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